Programs & Services

Below are some of the programs and services offered by AWAKE.

Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews of alleged abuse victims are conducted and recorded at AWAKE. The interviews are conducted by DSS, Law Enforcment or AWAKE staff that have recieved specialized training in interviewing children. Interviews are  done in a collaborative approach to avoid duplicative interviewing of the child. AWAKE recieves referrlas for interviews from DSS and law enforcement investogators.

Child Medical Evaluations

AWAKE contracts with local Nurse Practitioners to provide child medical evlautions for children going through abuse situations. These exams are performed by providers who have recieved specific training and are rostered with the Child Medical Evluation Program at UNC Chapel Hill. Appointments are referred to AWAKE and scheduled by Jackson Co. law enforcement, and Jackson Co. DSS investigators.

Victim Service Coordination

AWAKE's case manager/victim services coordinator assits with the forensic interviews and child medical evaluations, by helping the family to understand the process. The victim services coordinator also refers victims and non-offending caregivers to appropriate services and continues to follow up with them throughout the investigation and court process.

On-Site Counseling

AWAKE contracts with local counselors that have specific training in trauma-focused counseling to provide counseling oppourtunities for children in a knowing and safe environment. Counseling appointments will take place in AWAKE's own dedicated counseling room and at no cost.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

AWAKE coordinates and hosts a multi-disciplinary team meeting monthly to discuss curent child abuse cases in Jackson County. The multi-disciplinary approach is essential to the child advocacy center model and ensures that the child's needs are being met. This also ensures that duplicative services are limited.

Professional Development & Community Awareness

AWAKE provides the opportunity for agency professionals, volunteers, and others in the community to receive child abuse training. Attendance at conferences, symposiums and presentations enables participants to upgrade and strengthen their ability to work effectively with children and families in areas of child abuse awareness, response, intervention and prevention. AWAKE staff are available for community presentations and participate in local exhibits and fairs to distribute child abuse information.

SCAN Puppet Shows

SCAN, Stop Child Abuse and Neglect, a nationally-recognized child abuse prevention program, provides the script for a puppet show presented by AWAKE staff, volunteers, and school counselors to hundreds of kindergartners in the area in the spring, timed to coincide with April Child Abuse Prevention Month activities.

Pinwheels for Prevention

The “ Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign” is part of Child Abuse Prevention Month on a national level and reminds people that everyone has a role to play in protecting children and supporting families. AWAKE staff and volunteers prepare and display 100s of Pinwheels for Prevention in the area in March and April.

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