Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Reporting Child Abuse is everyone's obligation

Please remember the importance of reporting suspected child abuse to Jackson Co. Department of Social Services at (828) 586-5546 if the suspected perpetrator is a caretaker and the Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office or Sylva Police Dept. if he/she is a non-caretaker.

The Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office's phone # is (828) 586-8901 and the Sylva Police Dept.'s phone # is (828)586-2916.

The reporter can remain anonymous, if desired.  It is important to have everyone's involvement and commitment to this effort to provide the needed county-wide safety net of protection for Jackson County children.


What is Child Abuse?

How to Identify Child Abuse and Neglect

Signs of Possible Physical Abuse

Signs of Possible Sexual Abuse

Signs of Possible Emotional Abuse

Signs of Possible Neglect

How to Make a Report

What Happens After a Report of Child Abuse


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